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intended to happen. >> richard murdock's comments at a debate start on the same day that mitt romney started airing this tv ad endorsing murdock. >> this fall i'm supporting richard murdock for the senate. >> reporter: but tonight the romney camp issued a statement saying that romney disagrees with murdock's views on rape. this is the second candidate to make controversial comments about rape and pregnancy this campaign season. missouri's todd aiken faced a stream of criticism, but refused to with draw from the race. -- to withdraw from the race. >> this candidate murdock, is he a political newcomer? >> not at all. he has been part of politics since the 1980s. this is his second term as treasurer. he has also served several different local and state positions. >> will be interesting to see what the headlines are tomorrow. >> very interesting. >> liz, thank you. >>> well, if you sat down in front of the tv last night, you certainly had a lot of options, and tonight we can declare a winner. in third place, the giants absolute dismantling of the st. louis cardinals. about 8 million am
: as mitt romney jets among swing states in the final days before the election, he's also taking a step away from a senate candidate mired in controversy. >> this is that issue that every credit -- >> reporter: richard murdock is running for senate in indiana, and people are focused on his comment about rape and abortion. >> i think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> reporter: hours later, murdock was apologizing but that his comments were misunderstood. >> i don't think god wants rape. i don't think he wants that at all. because rape is evil. i abhor evil. >> reporter: it is an awkward position fiduciary romney, he -- he endorsed murdock in august. >> i'm something richard murdock for senate. >> reporter: and he endorsed him in this ad airing this week. >> it's really bad timing for romney and the election. people are viewing it through their own lens. they got to make this close. anything like this matters. >> reporter: it has sparked a frenz frenzs of new ads -- frenzy of new ads. >> we got to get this guy electe
or her if romney wins. >> in florida the vice presidential pulled out greatest hits as he delivered a montage of campaign attacks. >> the president has a new term. he calls it romnesia. >> romney's investment history. >> a lot more than a swiss bank account and accounts in the grand kay men islands -- caymen islands. >> taken the lead in several national polls. has him up by 6. shows romney's support growing in swing states. >> pennsylvania you are going to help us elect mitt romney. the next president of the united states. >> romney is gaining ground. today vice presidential nominee paul ryan made one of his first stops in the state. campaign sources say they are considering spending money on television ads. later in the battleground state of ohio ryan helped his focus centered on the president's policies. >> this is not just about jobs. it's not just about debtor the economy. -- debt or the economy. it is about the meaning of america. . >> two weeks to go until election day, the biggest game changer could be what happens right here on monday night, the third and final debate. it's
this evening. campaign 2012 tonight with president obama and governor romney's third and final debate. already according to the polls, there is a clear winner. cbs 5 reporter grace lee heads up our coverage tonight. grace? >> reporter: dana, we view been tracking the perceived win -- we have been tracking the perceived winner. the second victory was given to the president, but this time around, the president dominated again,53% said they thought president obama won, 23% believe mitt romney was the winner, and 24% say it was a tie. and while it was suppose to be all about foreign affairs, both brought up domestic policies repeatedly. >> reporter: it was the final debate. >> and now, we cannot kill our way out of this mess. >> governor romney, i'm glad that you recognize that al qaeda is a threat because a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest political threat facing america, you said russia. not al qaeda, you said russia. and the 1980s are now calling it for their foreign policy bank. because the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> i have clear eyes on this. i'm not going to
. >>> president obama and mitt romney are getting ready for final debate more than 24 hours from now. what they are doing to make sure they have the right answers. >> from the strike -- why it took her two days to realize what it was. democratic candidate for president in 19-72 -- has d. >>> former senator who is the democratic candidate for president in 1972 has died. a decorated world war ii hero was a fierce opponent because he knew firsthand what war could be. he tried to make the water gate scandal but the liberal could not escape mistakes in his own campaign. he was 90. tomorrow is the last day to register to vote for next month's election and tomorrow's also the final time we'll see the presidential candidates square off in a debate. daniel tells us it's all about foreign policy. >> mitt romney took a break in florida to watch staffers take on the media in a flag football game. said he had strategy for victory. >> figure out which of the players is best and take them out. the debates help make this race a dead heat. >> the president who created this image in some voters that was kno
the battleground states. brb and mitt romney have cover -- president obama and mitt romney have covered ten 10,000 miles in just a few days. they're going back to the big issue to seal the deal. >> this election is there for a big choice and america wants to see big changes and we're going to bring big changes to get america stronger again. >> we can't afford to go back to the same policies that got us into the mess we have to stick with the policies to get us out of the mess. >> president obama has already cast his ballot and made history in chicago this afternoon as the first sitting president to vote early. >> california governor jerry brown is making a last ditch effort for prop 30. it finds the education measure is struggling to reach 50% of support. 8% are undecided. grace leon how the governor is trying a new measure. >> that's why i am spending every day that i can between now and the election going around asking people to vote yes on 30. >> make no mistake, it is not easy, not easy at all for businesses to support a tax increase. >> with the support of of the bay area council t
romney busy studying right now while their running mates are campaigning in the must-win states and in florida yesterday, and paul ryan in pennsylvania and ohio. polls show president obama in the lead in most of the swing states but romney is gaping ground. for now, both candidates are in seclusion preparing for tomorrow night's final debate in boca raton, florida. can you watch that live here on cbs 5 at 6:00 and on cbs >>> in the local front, the state's political front said the nation's campaign is illegal and has to be returned. the $100,000 donation was to the campaign of rose herrera and came from a political action committee which is controlled by san jose mayor chuck reid. the city's police officer's association complained that the donation to the -- about the donation to the california fair political practices commission. >> we reissued the letter support to rossett few weeks ago calling for her to repudiate and disa vow the money from the mayor's committee to the committee supporting re-election. even today they're out together coordinating campaigns, walking d
race, those votes could make a difference. mitt romney was in florida which began early voting today and he held rallies in three florida cities telling supporters it's time for a change. >> the supporters of the president has this chant. i like ten more days better. ten moreties and you'll be step -- >> ten moredays and you'll be stepping into a voting booth. >> with hurricane sandy heading toward the east coast, both campaigns have been forced to change their travel schedule. romney scrapped a trip to virginia tomorrow. instead he'll head to ohio. the president pushed the trip to florida to sunday night to beat the storm. >>> and speaking of hurricane sandy, it is now the second largest hurricane in the atlantic since hurricane lily in 1988. several governors along the east coast are declaring states of emergency and also usualing people to -- urging people to move inland. cbs reporter randall pinkston is on coney island with what people can do. >> reporter: there's no term as frankenstorm but that's what they're calling hurricane sandy. bad news for everien in its -- everybody in
to be enacted. as a matter of fact, romney said he would not, but the savings are just enormous. so it is that, assault weapon, obviously the desert bill, the tahoe bill, and the wetlands in san francisco bay. i get such a kick, phil, when i fly in at what used to be dominant orange ponds at the south end of the bay, is salt ponds, now turning green with wetlands. and i think, you know, i had something to do with this. i put that deal together. >> if you had to vote to take back, which would it be? >> it would be iraq. and i will tell you why. i was on intelligence. i read the classified report twice, the big report. i read the white paper twice. the unclassified report. i listened to speeches by dick cheney, by george bush. i saw the secretary of state come out before the security council of the united nations and say this vile contains biological weapons from mobile biological laps in iraq and i believed them and i believed the intelligence and i voted to go to war in iraq and the intelligence was wrong. >> and her opponent in the senate race, elizabeth empkin. we
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9